Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,

The Independent Reading program at Juan Diego has become a hallmark of the school's academic success. This year our students averaged over 160 minutes of leisure reading per week, which makes us one of the most committed reading high school's in the country. These reading minutes are translating into student success - more engagement with their learning, stronger vocabulary and higher test scores (by far). The next step for all Juan Diego students is summer reading.

Research has shown that one of the greatest impediments to academic growth is the phenomena know as the "summer brain drain." Simply put, students who do not maintain levels of reading and math over the summer risk losing much, if not all that they have gained during a school year.

In order to combat this problem, Juan Diego asks all students to regularly work on reading and math over the summer. The math department has already informed students of the work that they need to do on ALEKS.

For reading, the school is asking that students read, on average, 150 minutes per week (roughly 20 minutes X 7 days a week). With this time-allotment, most students, depending on the difficulty of the books, should be able to read a 3-5 books over the summer.

The conditions for our summer reading are as follows:

Students may read any book that they so desire as long as their parents approve of it.Students may abandon any book, at any time, for whatever reason and still get credit for their reading minutes spent on the abandoned book. Students will not receive any special awards or punishments for reaching or not reaching their goal. Reading is its own reward and its own punishment!

In order for the students to track their progress, they are asked to record their reading minutes at least once per week by  Logging their READING MINUTES HERE

The school will be reviewing these reading logs and sending reminders to students and parents to maintain their reading goals as the summer progresses. The start of the summer reading program formally begins on Tuesday, June 6th with the first reading logs completed by Sunday June 11th.

We really admire and appreciate the work of our students this past year in improving their reading and math abilities. We wish everyone a fun and relaxing summer and we will see you in August.

Happy Reading!

Dr. Galey Colosimo

Principal, Juan Diego Catholic High School

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